Thursday, June 22, 2017

CORNWALL 2017: The Looe Fishing Port

If all I did was visit the fishing ports all around Cornwall, England, for the rest of my life, I'd be one happy camper.  Seriously.

I really love Google maps, don't you?!
The coastal fishing port of Looe is 25 miles from our St. Austell homebase.
The population is ca. 5K.

When you pass a shop window like this from the parking lot to the coast, you know what's coming.

Just pay attention to both sides of this bridge across the River Looe.
As you see, we arrived while the tide was still mostly in.

It was raining off-n-on the entire day, and we didn't care.
But once on this side of the bridge, it felt like a good stopping point for lunch.
Maybe it was the "DO NOT FEED THE SEAGULLS" that made us hungry?

Pauline says it was the BEST fish-n-chips she had ever eaten.  So fresh.
I'll take her word for it because it was, indeed, excellent.
It was also a delight to sit by the window and look out on the Looe world.

When we came out from the pub, this is what we saw.
Just give it an hour or two and look what happens to the tide!
We KNOW it in our heads...but to SEE it is another thing altogether.

Think about all that money spent on these boats!
I think I'd want a berthing dock for my investment, too, at low tide...every day.

See what I mean about wanting to see this the rest of my life?

We walked along the quay towards the sea where the river was still mostly full.
We were short of eyes...looking towards the sea and back towards the bridge.
Both sides of the river!
[BTW, did you know the Brits say towards and the Americans say toward?
So why does it sound normal for me to use the British English?  HA!]

THIS on our walk back to the bridge!

We then walked across the bridge (top) to the other side (bottom)....

and then back to where we began the day, but now at low tide.

To there and back again with myriad impressions.
It doesn't take much to fill our cups, as you know by now!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

CORNWALL 2017: The Mevagissey Fishing Port

The same day we did the Spit Cliffs walk on a rainy afternoon (last post), we also did a walk-about in nearby Mevagissey that sunny morning.  Don't you love weather!

Mevagissey is only 6 miles SW from the St. Austell area, our homebase.
[Google image]

As we drove along the coast to get there, Pauline stopped the car to show us this view.
Now you know why Cornwall is a MUST for so many people.

Mevagissey is one of many wee fishing ports that makes Cornwall so idyllic.
It's population is only 2K.  

As you turn the corner, there she is.
We arrived while the tide was still mostly in (an important detail we're learning).

Look at how the town hugs its harbor.  It's their livelihood.

When you step back to get the bigger picture, it's a rugged livelihood.

But deep inside the harbor, you feel the coziness of it.

Dare you leave the breakwater, you pass the the massive rock formation to the open sea.
[Am still trying to find if it has a name, that rock!  Surely?!]

Did you see the wee lighthouse in the preceding collage, bottom-right image?
Once you reach it, you are "out to sea," so to speak.

The vantage point from the lighthouse that day highlighted this yellow beauty.
She's the Valhalla BH-9 trawler of the Mevagissey fleet.
How fun to look up these boats like they're people!

And how fun to see evidence that this truly is a fishing port.

While walking back from the lighthouse, guess what!
The tide was now out and we got to see the beached boats that still amaze us to no end.

So Astrid, of course, climbed down to search for treasures, of which she found many
(for her blue bag).

See what I mean about Cornwall?!  So idyllically wonderful.
Don't get me has its own economic trials and tribulations. is a treasure to be found and taken care of while cherishing.